Menstrual Disorder & Irregular Periods

Menstrual Disorder & Irregular Periods
Herbal Medicine for Leucorrhoea & Menstrual Disorder

Useful in Menestrul disorders, Releives from Vaginal & Urethral discharge, tonic for females. Effective in Leucorrhoea, back ache, lower abdomen pain. Leuco Sol offers gentle support to help tone and strengthen the body, supporting soothing, restorative relief from PMS, menstrual, and menopausal imbalances in women. It aids during Pregnancy, reduces post partum bleeding, improves lactation and restores emotional feminine balance.

Etiology of leucorrhea

As leucorrhoea is a symptom of various gynecological conditions, physiological as well as pathological. it is important to understand that the underlying factor in most of these conditions is congestion of the pelvic organs which inevitably results in an increased activity of the cervical, endometrial and vaginal epithelium to produce an excessive secretion. This excessive discharge may be physiological or pathological infective or non- infective:-

  1. The most common conditions are pregnancy, premenstrual or menstrual periods.
  2. The constitutional cause of leucorrhoea includes debilitated conditions due to anemia, tuberculosis.
  3. Pathological conditions of the female genital, organs, infection, growths, also produce the same phenomenon and displacements.
  4. Irritation due to mechanical factors, use of chemical contraceptives, pessaries, intrauterine devices, may also establish chronic inflammatory process causing congestion and hence leucorrhea.
  5. Psychogenic causes worries, anxiety, overwork, and sexual excitement without fulfillment may also cause chronic leucorrhoea. It is now certain that emotional upsets affect hypothalamus, which in turn upsets the gonadotrophic functions of the pituitary gland. it has been caused by mental stress and emotional situations.
  6. Recently, endocrinal factors have been given a great deal of prominence as a possible cause of leucorrhoea as is clear by the fact that the non-infective erosion is due to excess of oestrin in the system. Pregnancy and menstrual periods are also examples of hyper-secretion due to large amounts of oestrin in the blood at those periods.
  7. Tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, all these things have been suggested to cause leucorrhoea. it happens because of the absorption of toxic substances or by stimulation the nervous mechanism of gland causing hormonal imbalance.



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